SO incredibly disappointed in Disney right now.

Another price incease on Annual Passes AND tickets? In less than a year? Disney makes MILLIONS per day on the price of one park/parking ALONE and they wanna up their prices? Premium Passes will now be $649. This is disgusting. Most of our next generation may now not EVER be able to enter Disneyland park in their lifetime because of the absolute greed that is occurring. This is a BIG no no. And I know if I were still an Annual Passholder, I would be HEART-BROKEN. I am ABSOLUTELY sad and disappointed. Especially due to the fact that this may highly detriment a lot of the people I REALLY love from being able to continue coming to the park. BAD move. I wish there was something we could all do.

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  3. rfucking5 said: Thank you for posting this. I have been planning to surprise my family by getting passes for all us. I have been saving up for about five months now. I was really close to my goal until I read this. Thank you for the heads up.
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  6. wantsback2dis said: There should be a Price Freeze. Try to make more money from the same cash inflow (Current Ticket prices). I’m sure there has to be a plan for that at TDA, but they opted for a different route.
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  8. no-where-boy-searching said: Maybe there is…Strike!!
  9. blue-eyes-and-butterflies said: When does the fee increase go into affect? I was going to get my annual pass in June.
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  11. fathomsofrubies said: Thank you for posting this! I think that they really do need to lower the prices for the park! If it weren’t for my extended family helping to pay my way to go in the past I never would’ve been able to afford going! Disney must make the prices less!
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    Going to be 20 this year, never been to any of the parks. The plane ticket would be the cheapest part of the entire...
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    This is ridiculous. I’m 23 years old and I’ve never once been to Disney, Land OR World, and with the ridiculous prices...
  17. if-grace-wasanocean said: That is so disappointing. Maybe if we get enough people to complain? I get there is a lot of new stuff but not everyone can afford an $80 ticket especially per person.
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    that’s why people head to six flags lol
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    And people wonder why I’m not apart of the Disney cult…. ;)
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    I’m not going to add, just read this.
  29. doitall-againbyheart said: ESPECIALLY with all the money they are making off the Avengers- do they really need to do this too???
  30. mick3ys said: i was about to get one for my birthday too! :(
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    ^ Amen.. I have the Premium AP and I’m heartbroken.. Especially for others.